Do you know the advantages of MLCC?

MLCC, or multi-layer ceramic capacitors, is the most widely used passive component, commonly known as “Industrial rice”.

        MLCC mainly includes two types of raw materials: one is ceramic powder,The other is the composition of the internal electrode and the external electrode of nickel, copper and other metal powder materials.In the cost structure of MLCC, powder is the main cost, the proportion of high volume MLCC is 35 -45% , the proportion of low volume MLCC is 20 -25%.

        MLCC has the advantages of small volume, large capacitance, good frequency characteristic, wide working voltage and temperature range, no polarity, etc.MLCC industry chain mainly includes upstream material suppliers, middle MLCC manufacturers, agents and trade channels, and downstream including consumer electronics, industry, communications and other areas of many terminal manufacturers.

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Post time: Aug-18-2023