If the market situation reverses, will Murata capacitors rise strongly again?


Murata is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of ceramic passive electronic components, wireless connectivity modules and power conversion technologies. Since its founding in Kyoto, Japan in 1944, Murata has been committed to advancing social progress and innovation in the electronics industry. Murata’s innovative products are used in a wide range of fields, including mobile phones, home appliances, automotive electronics, energy management systems, healthcare devices, and more. At present, Murata has established more than 100 branches around the world, with about 48,000 employees. Every day, Murata is adhering to the company’s “Innovator in Electronics®” business philosophy, striving to develop new technologies that can adapt to the changes of The Times, and strive to be an industry innovator. Making products that lead the future direction of the electronics industry. Murata model 0603 series:


Post time: Apr-26-2024