A brief analysis of the electronic components industry

OIP-CElectronic component suppliers mainly include original manufacturers, authorized distributors and independent distributors. Electronic components distributors and upstream electronic components suppliers have a strong interdependence, diversified electronic components supplier channels are to ensure that electronic components distributors electronic components business has a stable, high-quality, rich supply of the basis, electronic components distributors also for upstream electronic components suppliers to provide important sales channels and marketing channels. Maintaining a good and stable cooperative relationship with electronic component suppliers is an important guarantee for electronic component distributors to respond quickly to customer needs, and it is also the basis for electronic component distributors to maintain cost advantages.

The functional realization of all electronic products depends on the basic functional support provided by electronic components. Electronic components industry is the cornerstone of electronic information industry, which is widely used in aerospace, communications, energy, medical, home appliances, transportation and other fields, affecting all aspects of national economy and social life, is the foundation of modern electronics industry.

According to the product type, electronic components can generally be divided into two categories: active components and passive components. Among them, active components, also known as active devices, require power to achieve their specific functions of electronic components, generally used for signal amplification, conversion, etc.; Passive components, also known as passive devices, are electronic components that do not require an external power supply to display their characteristics, and are generally used for signal transmission or “signal amplification” through directionality. Due to the wide range of application scenarios in the electronic components industry and the fast speed of product iteration, the above different categories of electronic components can be divided into tens of millions of sub-categories according to the differences in application scenarios and parameters.

The electronic components industry chain is mainly composed of three links: upstream original factories, midstream electronic component distributors and downstream electronic product manufacturers. In the field of electronic components, less than 1% of the total number of overall electronic product manufacturers super customers mainly purchase directly from the original factory, the purchase amount is about 44% of the overall market share, while the remaining 99% of the manufacturers mainly purchase about 56% of the market share through distributor channels. There is a huge circulation market between the upstream original factory of electronic components and the downstream demand side, in which distributors play an important role.R-C (6)

Post time: Sep-01-2023