Murata Capacitor’s Influence Has Increased Significantly

PCBThe world’s leading manufacturer of electronic components, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (“Murata” for short), has recently made significant strides in expanding its influence. With the aim of further increasing its production capacity of chip multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), Murata held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new factory project in Wuxi, Jiangsu.

MLCCs play a crucial role in stabilizing the internal current of electronic equipment. Recognizing the importance of these components, Murata has long been at the forefront of their development. In fact, the company currently holds an impressive 40% share of the global MLCC market, securing its position as the world leader in this field.

Despite the current slowdown in demand for MLCCs due to sluggish global smartphone sales, Murata remains optimistic about the future. The company believes that in the medium to long term, the growing popularity of pure electric vehicles (EV) and 5G mobile phones will drive an increase in MLCC demand. By expanding their production capabilities through the new factory project, Wuxi Murata Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Wuxi Murata”) aims to double its sales and exceed 20 billion yuan in total sales.

Murata’s vision extends beyond merely increasing production capacity. With the launch of the new factory, the company also plans to introduce new and innovative products, while maintaining a strong focus on research and development. The aim is to continuously improve and innovate in the production of MLCCs, driving forward technological advancements in the industry.

Murata’s commitment to expanding its capabilities is underscored by its investment in the new factory project. This strategic move will not only solidify Murata’s position as the global leader in MLCC production but also enable the company to meet the escalating demand from the emerging markets of EV and 5G technology.

As the world eagerly awaits the completion of the new factory project in Wuxi, it is clear that Murata Capacitor’s influence will continue to grow. With their unwavering dedication to product excellence and continuous innovation, Murata is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the electronics industry and maintain its status as an industry leader in the years to come.

Post time: Oct-11-2023