Murata commercializes ultra-small 0402M size, low-loss chip multilayer ceramic capacitor supporting 100V rated voltage

Murata has recently commercialized ultra-small 0402M size low-loss chip multilayer ceramic capacitors supporting 100V rated voltage, which is of great significance for the miniaturization of wireless communication modules and the development of 5G technology. This product has many features, including high voltage resistance, suitable for reducing component installation space, able to operate at high temperatures, and achieves HiQ and low ESR in high frequency bands. These characteristics enable the product to meet the modular needs of 5G communications, while also helping to reduce energy consumption and contribute to environmental protection.
With the popularization of 5G technology, MIMO technology is becoming more and more widely used, which requires more modularization of wireless communication circuits, further increasing the demand for small components. The launch of Murata’s ultra-small low-loss chip multilayer ceramic capacitors meets this demand and is expected to provide strong support for the development of 5G communication technology.
In the future, Murata will continue to promote product research and development to ensure that products can work at high temperatures and increase rated voltage products to meet market demand, commit to miniaturization and diversification of electronic equipment, and make more contributions to environmental protection.1

Post time: May-17-2024