Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ microcontroller (MCU)

Recently, Texas Instruments (TI) released its new SimpleLink™ series Wi-Fi 6 supporting IC at the Shanghai International Embedded Exhibition. Mr. Shi Ying, Director of technical support in China, said at the meeting that TI’s vision is to make electronics more economical and practical through semiconductor technology, thus making the world a better place. As a company that designs, manufactures, tests and sells analog and embedded semiconductor chips, Texas Instruments has several sub-products with different performance levels in the embedded processor product area, and has several characteristics in the whole embedded product layout.


First of all, Texas Instruments products have a very high degree of integration. The company can integrate different IP combinations on the same chip according to different application instance requirements. This highly integrated design allows customers to reduce the number of external components and connections and simplify overall system design. For example, in iot applications, multiple communication standards such as WI-FI, Bluetooth, and low-power wireless communications need to be supported at the same time. TI’s SimpleLink™ series Wi-Fi 6 IC integrates these communication features, greatly simplifying the development process for iot devices.


Second, Texas Instruments focus on product intelligence. At present, in many situations that need to learn artificial intelligence (AI) and perform data operation and analysis, TI integrates the functions of big data operation, real-time analysis and control into products. This makes the embedded devices have more powerful computing and decision-making capabilities, to provide users with more intelligent solutions. In the smart home, for example, TI’s products enable real-time processing and analysis of a variety of sensor data, making Home automation systems more intelligent and efficient.

In addition, Texas Instruments also pay attention to product reliability and stability. As a semiconductor company with a long history and rich experience, Texas Instruments adheres to strict quality control standards in the manufacturing process. They ensure product quality and provide long-term reliability through advanced production techniques and rigorous testing processes. This makes Texas Instruments the preferred partner in many industries.

In short, Texas Instruments has gained significant competitive advantage in embedded processor products due to its high integration, intelligence and reliability. They not only meet customer needs for performance and functionality, but also provide customers with more convenient and efficient product solutions. In the future, with the rapid development of iot, artificial intelligence and other fields, Texas Instruments will continue to introduce more innovative products and bring more possibilities to all walks of life, and for the intelligent, digital future to make contributions.

Post time: Aug-11-2023