The HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro is the leader of the new generation and is expected to sell out this year

HUAWEI-XINOn August 29, HUAWEI announced the cumulative shipment of 100 million Mate series mobile phones, opening the “Mate 60 Pro pioneer plan”. This news has triggered the attention of the whole people, because the chip carried by this mobile phone gives people unlimited imagination.


HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro continues the axisymmetrical design in the ultimate family, explores a continuous concentric design, breaks through the boundary of the wonderful arc, and constantly pursues aesthetic rebirth. Adhering to the pure aesthetic concept of nature, the color selection continues to draw materials from natural things, bringing consumers a great visual feast.

Science and technology as the first driving force for economic development, the breakthrough of HUAWEI brand has continuously confirmed that China’s science and technology is constantly innovating and developing, and it is a veritable science and technology power. Of course, the strength of HUAWEI brand is not achieved overnight, and the hardships behind it are endless; HUAWEI’s brand is restricted by various regional and other factors, but its sales are rising against the trend. First of all, thanks to HUAWEI’s product research and development and continuous technological innovation and product upgrading, its mobile phone products have high quality and competitiveness, thus achieving continuous improvement of market competitiveness and winning unanimous recognition and praise from consumers.

Post time: Sep-05-2023