What are the advantages of Yageo ceramic chip capacitors?

YAGEO ceramic chip capacitors have many advantages, including:
Using thin layer and multi-layer stacking technology, the capacitance value is greatly expanded;
It has extremely high precision and has a high degree of accuracy during automatic assembly;
Since it is only composed of ceramics and metals, there is no fading phenomenon even in high and low temperature environments, and it has strong reliability and stability;
The characteristics of low distributed capacitance can complete the circuit design close to the theoretical value;
The residual induction coefficient is small, ensuring good frequency characteristics;
Power supply with extended service life and high reliability;
Due to its low ESR and good frequency characteristics, it is suitable for high-frequency and high-density power supplies.
When selecting, parameters such as capacitance value, tolerance, withstand voltage, operating temperature, size, material, DC bias effect and other factors need to be considered. Different dielectric specifications such as C0G, X7R, Z5U, Y5V, etc. have different characteristics and uses. Different capacitors should be selected according to their role in the circuit.
In general, YAGEO ceramic chip capacitors have important application advantages in precision electronic products and can meet the needs of different fields.正方形2正方形

Post time: May-16-2024